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‘Smokehouse’ electric smoker fail!

A friend of the site and sometimes tester of various rubs that we get sent for review loaned us his ‘Smokehouse’ electric smoker for a few days so I could do a proper review of it. After smoking some many delicious meats this summer, I was ecstatic to get my hands on an electric smoker that so many have talked up.

It was suggested that I smoke a pork butt for 8 or more hours for my inaugural run. As it would turn out, it is a good thing that I didn’t take that advice. I happened to have some pork ribs and steaks (chops) on hand and decided to some them. The ‘Smokehouse’ smoker is very simple and straight forward to use. A proper review will follow soon.
So why was this cook a fail? There are two reasons really and both are my fault...
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Missing posts and articles

Sadly a recent upgrade seems to have corrupted our database and a number of articles and review have skirted of into the ether. I have none to blame but myself for this one. I did not backup the database before the last site upgrade. Maybe I can rewrite the articles better this next time.

Seasoned Ribs on the Grill

In the meantime, get out and grill.

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