Happy New Year!

I couldn’t resist. I was at the grocery store yesterday, doing some last minute shopping before a late in the year Christmas party, and I had to swing by the meat department. I was a little surprised to find a package of K.C. Strips on sale. As soon as I saw it, I knew when my first grilling randevou was going to be in 2013.

I pulled out the grill, drug it through the snow to be closer to the house, and started hunting down the last of my charcoal. Much to my disappointment, my Cowboy Charcoal was nowhere to be found. I was slowly resolving to prepare my prize on the electric stove when a hope crept into my mind.

The local gas station in our small town just happened to be open. Even better, they had saved some charcoal for me. OK, they happened to have a bag left over. Nevertheless it was soon in my possession and the charcoal chimney was loaded and lit. I was soon having visions of thick juicy steak dancing through my head.

The next challenge was the dark. I spent so much time searching for my charcoal that the Sun was setting. To make things more interesting, our yard light recently burnt out. Not to be deterred, I retrieved a small flashlight and grilled on.

2013 First Steak

The first steaks of the 2013 grilling season.

I guess I did something right, because my wife and kids kept asking begging me to make more.

Happy New Year, Grill Masters!