Smokehouse Smoker Success!

If you read about our Smokehouse smoker fail, you now know a few things not to do with an electric smoker. Having learned those lessons ourselves we jumped back on the proverbial horse and tried again. This time we had great success.

For our second test we decided to recreate our original test, minus the mistakes. That meant rubbing down some pork chops and putting some, smaller amounts, wood in the hopper. We used a couple small chunks of hickory to add some great smoky flavor to the pork chops.

After setting the temperature to 295 degree and putting a small can of water on the bottom rack, we simply closed the door on the smoker and let it sit for about an hour and a half.

We put aluminum foil on the racks under the pork chops and folded the edges up a little. This allowed the pork chops to cook in their own juices and help retain flavor. When we pulled them out of smoker we did have a small problem right away. The pork chops were so tender that we had trouble getting them off the racks in one piece. OK, maybe that isn’t a problem.

Our taste testers had nothing but praise for the pork chops. With comments like, “This is really good” and “I like this flavor” and “Can I have more?”, it is easy to feel you have done well. The real measure of success ,however, is how fast the food disappears. I am not sure that our taste testers would have consumed ice cream any faster.