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Teaching Kids to rub ribs (pt. 2)

In the first post of this series, we taught the young’uns to prepare country style ribs for the grill. After choosing their favorite rub, they applied it, put the ribs in bags and let them sit in the fridge for a day. The result was two fold, we had a lot of fun together and the ribs got well seasoned. Once the ribs had marinated for a day, it was time to teach them the second half of the process.

Lit lump charcoal in Weber chimney

Weber charcoal chimney with lit lump charcoal

Since I had decided to let these ribs grill or smoke for an hour or so longer than normal I chose to use some hardwood lump charcoal from Cowboy Charcoal. This charcoal has been burning a little cooler than some of the briquettes in our testing, but it tends to burn longer which makes it a great choice for this application.

We stuffed the bottom of ou...

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Saying goodbye to a great grill

I recently had to retire my favorite portable grill. It was an older Meco charcoal grill with a cooking grate that could be adjusted relative to the coals. The grill had countless hours on it. (It was used when I got it.) It had also traveled to a number of campouts, cookouts, and hangouts.

Retired Meco grill

My recently retired Meco grill

With the bottom finally rusting out, the legs no longer have a solid connection point. I suspect that the combination of heat and moisture (condensation) over the years took its toll. I have decided that an appropriate final resting place for this grill would be a local recycling yard. I will use the buck or two that they pay me for it to seed the fund to purchase a new portable grill of the same style...

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