Sam’s First Smoked Ribs

This article is an account of a friend and aspiring Grill Master’s first attempt at preparing ribs on a grill. Sam has recently decided to take on something a little more challenging to grill than burgers and hotdogs. Really, it shouldn’t be a surprise to those that know him. Sam has taken on many challenging things in life. He is a husband, a father, an M.D., a marathon runner, a Dirty Kanza 200 rider, and so much more. We look forward to hearing about more of Sam’s grilling adventures.

So I like to cook. Specifically, I love grilling. Most of my grill experiences center on the usual fare of burgers, brat’s, and ‘dogs. I’m particular about how my food is cooked. I don’t like it burnt or charred.

I have my old Kenmore Master Flame, 2-burner grill, that has seen better days...

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Spinarri Auto Skewer

We saw one of our Twitter followers, you can follow us @AGrillMasters, talking about this @Spinarri Kickstarter project and thought it was something that all of our Grill Masters would probably want to get their hands on. If you hurry, you can even help them get their manufacturing off the ground.

Here is the Kickstater video.

Get out and Grill!

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