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“When Pigs Fly” BBQ Pittmasters

BBQ Pittmasters “When Pigs Fly”
Meat: Spare Ribs and Pork Butt
Myron Mixon: “Vinegar, some apple juice, salt and sugar. That would be my injection for this Boston Butt.”

Grill Master: Eric Thomas
The Rolling Grill
Atlanta, GA

“First thing I start on is the pit, nothing else matters until you get that pit hot.”
“Those guys over there, from California and Oklahoma, cooking with pellets and electrical gadgets are wasting their time. This is Georgia, and in Georgia we throw sticks.”
Uses Oak for heat, Hickory for flavor, and Cherry for flavor and color.
Keeps heat between 250 and 275 degrees
Uses a meat thermometer in Pork Butt
Boston Butt:
   N/A (“has a little kick to it”)
   Brown sugar
   Chili powder
   “We don’t measure, we’re not makin’ cookies here...
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Meat Week 2013

BBQ-Pitmasters“What better way to celebrate summer than firing up the grills and enjoying true American cuisine,” said Marc Etkind, SVP of Content Strategy for Destination America. “Our inaugural MEAT WEEK is a nod to our country’s intrepid backyard warriors who fan the flames in their personal pits to share the upcoming season of meat – from burgers to hotdogs to traditional barbecue — with friends and family.” With that opening statement Destination America is announcing that they will be hosting their very first “Meat Week” starting Memorial Day (May 27th) at 9pm E/P. The first episode to be aired during “Meat Week” will be all new. It will be a showdown between a top pitmaster and legendary Myron Mixon...

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