Happy Memorial Day! Have a S’more-dilla!

Making S'more-dillas!

Making S’more-dillas!

I hope the weather has been as nice for everyone else as it has been for us. The past few days have been perfect grilling weather around here. Grilling has gone so well that I was able to introduce my oldest daughter to the fun of grilling. Being the creative girl that she is, she promptly created her own grilled masterpiece which she is calling “S’more-dillas”. The recipe is simple and nearly guaranteed to get your young ones interested in learning to grill.


Large tortilla
Marshmallow creme
Chocolate chips

Lay a tortilla on a plate or flat surface. Coat about half the tortilla with marshmallow creme leaving about an inch of uncoated tortilla around the edge. Sprinkle some chocolate chips onto the marshmallow creme, vary according to taste and availability. Fold tortilla in half and place on warm grill. Toast to a golden brown on each side and serve cut into thirds or fourths.

We hope you all have a happy and safe Memorial Day. Remember to thank a Veteran today. Also don’t forget that Meat Week kicks off on Destination America today.

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