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Teaching kids to rub ribs (pt. 1)

Prepping RibsWith all the grilling and testing that goes on around here some of the young’uns have gotten bit by the grilling bug. It is little wonder that some of them have started wanting to try their hands at grilling. Things really started taking off with the outstanding success of “S’more-dillas“. Today a couple of the young’uns asked if they could season some ribs. Not being one to want to disappoint the kids and seeing a great opportunity to do a little teaching I told them each to choose a rub. One of them chose the KA-Ranch Big Cow Creek rub that we have been testing. The other went straight for another KA-Ranch rub that we have been testing, Trail Dust.

Applying rub to ribs

Applying rub to Country Style Ribs.

Since this was a teachable moment I decided to have the kids do everything from getting the meat out of t...

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