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Very Simple Dry Rub

Prepping for the biggest grilling season of the year? So are we. Today we are sharing a very simple dry rub that we have used on steak, chicken, and other meat.

Very Simple Dry Rub


  • Jane's Mixed-up Salt
  • Ground black pepper


  1. Mix equal parts of Jane's Mixed-up Salt and ground black pepper in a small or medium bowl. (Use a large plate it you are going to put it on steak.)
  2. For bulky meats, ie. Birds, roasts, etc., thoroughly rub the mix into the meat.
  3. For steaks, chops, etc., you might find it easier and faster to evenly spread the rub mix onto a plate and lay the cut of meat on top of it then flip and repeat.

I have used this rub on steak and let it...

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